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Week 63: The Master

Week 63 - The Master Book Review Colm Tóibín's 2004 novel is a hybrid - not totally fiction, not purely biography. The proper name for it, I think, is creative nonfiction, although there are so many interpretations of that genre that it's difficult to categorize. The Malahat Review awards its Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction [...]

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Week 62: American Rust

Week 62: American Rust Book Review Since his debut novel was published in 2009, Philipp Meyer has been likened to Steinbeck and Salinger, Faulkner and Hemingway. In 2010 the New Yorker rated him one of the 20 best novelists under 40. The accolades are appropriate, keeping in mind that Meyer, writing at the tail [...]

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Week 61: The Virgin Suicides (on CD)

The Virgin Suicides (on CD) I can't absolutely confirm it, but as it's been told to me over the years, I was taught to read at the age of three by my mother. She was tired, it seems, of my constant demands: "Read me a story." And so she taught me to read to myself. [...]

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Week 60: Veronika Decides to Die

Week 60: Veronika Decides to Die In 1999, Paulo Coelho wrote an essay for the London Telegraph Review in which he discussed the time he spent in mental institutions in the 1960s, during Brazil's military dictatorship. At the time, he wrote, "the word 'artist' was synonymous with homosexual, communist, drug addict, and layabout." Coelho, who [...]

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