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Week 41: 10 Reasons NOT to read Infinite Jest

It’s never a good sign, it seems to me, when you’d rather unload the dishwasher than continue reading a particular book. Or make that dentist appointment you’ve been putting off. Or cut your toenails. Which, by the way, happens a lot in Infinite Jest, the 1996 novel by the American writer David Foster Wallace. It [...]

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Week 40: The Children’s Book

It has been said of A S Byatt that she does not wear her learning lightly. I'd go further: she has a tendency to club you over the head with it. The Children's Story (2009) is a bulging, behemoth of a book which frequently reads like an encyclopedia. There were times as I worked my [...]

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Week 39: The Gathering

Good writers don't let you off easy. They provide no pat answers - there's no riding off together into the sunset as the orchestral music swells in the background. Good writers unsettle you. They leave you with questions. They disturb your assumptions, shake you out of your comfort zone. They can be savage in their [...]

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Week 38: A Bend in the River

"The town in the interior, at the bend in the great river, had almost ceased to exist". The name of the town is never mentioned. We are told it is located in the heart of Africa, at the end of the navigable river, just below the cataracts. The President, too, is unnamed, and usually referred [...]

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